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Jeff Bishop


Who is Jeff Bishop?

Unlike 98% of the rest of the population, Jeff Bishop has the unique status of being a member of MENSA, the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world. He not only has been given this incredible gift, but he also has the skills to put it to good use. He is a master of in-depth stock market analysis with nearly 20 years of experience behind him. Week after week, Jeff astounds people with his ability to pull in triple-digit returns and he has earned millions of dollars through teaching and trading over his career. While he is familiar with all aspects of the market place, he holds a special place for trading stock options.

Jeff Bishop holds two degrees from the prestigious University of Texas – an economics degree and a finance degree. His skills and abilities have enabled him to not only survive but also excel during trying financial times like the Dot-Com crash and the global financial crisis. In addition to being a literal genius, Jeff Bishop is also an interesting individual for other reasons. People often refer to him as the “guru’s guru” since he has been known to guide other leaders in the world of trading. He is also the founder of two well-known financial education and trading websites, and He loves to share what he’s learned with others, which is why he developed his educational services.

The guru’s guru is always on the lookout for exciting tips to share with his troops of followers. These can be anything from stock options or big leveraged ETF trades to quickly moving swing trades in individual stocks. His objective always remains the same regardless of the size of a transaction – to achieve the highest reward with the least amount of risk. Members who subscribe to his program are taught how to make informed decisions based on his methods and his many happy, loyal customers are a testament to his abilities.

Other projects that Jeff is working on include joint ventures with Jason Bond, a former protégé. Together, they are teaching people the strategies behind successful trading in a course called Millionaire Roadmap where they have put together arguably the best team of stock traders who educate others on their secret strategies. Several members of this service have gone on to become millionaire traders themselves. Customers have access to webinars, videos and texts in an easy to understand format.

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