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As we get ready to finish up the first month of the new year, the business world is seeing a number of exciting start-up companies that have already made an impact. From sustainability to health and fitness, there are countless up-and-coming industries to know about. These start-up companies have missions that are expected to shake-up business throughout 2020.

As climate change becomes a bigger concern around the world, more companies are being created to help address it and find long-term solutions. One of those companies is called Afresh. Afresh is a technology company committed to reducing the estimated $18 billion in wasted food each year by creating software that helps grocery stores optimize their food inventories. Using innovative algorithms and artificial intelligence, the goal of the software is to help stores cut back on waste. 

It is no secret that technology is a significant part of most American’s lives in today’s age. In order to meet the need for the continued evolution of technology, wireless networks have been increasing their own services in response. For those who live outside a major city, access to high-speed wireless networks can be difficult to find, which is why Movandi was created. The mission of Movandi is to increase the reach of 5G spectrum bands using a new technology that can help increase access to wireless networks to communities outside of major cities.

Class Pass
In recent years, a significant amount of focus has shifted towards health and fitness, and ways to live a healthier lifestyle. As a result, more communities around the country see new gyms and boutique fitness studios opening. To help people experience boutique workout studios, Class Pass was created. Class Pass is a fitness app that provides users access to classes from fitness studios in the area at a reduced cost, making it great for anyone looking to experiment with different workouts. 

While these are just some of the start-up companies that are expected to have an impact on the business world, there are countless other companies to keep an eye on as the year continues to progress.