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Finance software is not just for companies. You need to manage your personal finances responsibly, and you need to do it without it taking up all of your time. Luckily, we live in modern times, and there are applications that can help you streamline the entire process. In fact, many of the best personal finance software programs out there are free. So what program do you need to manage your money better?

Albert is only available for iOS users. This app really gets down to business. If you want help saving or paying down debt, Albert can help you out. This app will keep track of your money and then provide tips for how to improve your finances. Based on your spending habits, it creates a suggested budget for you, letting you know what it thinks you should spend in every area each month. If you have goals, this app can help you reach them.

Mint is one of the easiest ways to budget. It will help you track your expenses and tell you exactly how much you have to spend on things like food and gas each month. You can set up alerts on this app so that you can know about when things are due or when your balance is getting low. If you need to find ways to cut your monthly spending, Mint can help you do that. The app is free for iOS and Android and has been around for a while, so it has been tested to be safe.

If Mint seems a little fancy for you, try the free app PocketGuard. This program strives to make things as bare browns and simple as possible for budgeting your money. You put in your bills for the month and your income, and then this app tells you exactly how much you have leftover for spending. Simple.

Personal Capital
Do you need something that can help you manage your investments? Personal Capital has apps for iOS and Android, plus you can use it on your browser. This app will checkup on your investments. For example, if you have a goal you want to reach on your 401k by the time you are sixty years old, Personal Capital can let you know how much you should be adding to your 401k to get there.

Make It Easy to Budget and Save
The easier you make it on yourself to make responsible decisions for your financial health, the better your bank account will get. Set reasonable financial goals and be mindful of your spending, and you’ll be surprised how much less stressful it gets to make good decisions for your money.

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