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Promoting an entrepreneurial spirit among your employees can help you in unexpected ways, encouraging your staff to use their creativity to propel the growth of your business. Yet, promoting that type of innovative thinking may require a change in management style. The following tips can help you initiate a more creative mindset among your employees.

Stop Playing the Blame Game
Calling out employees for their mistakes and punishing them will only make them fearful of making future mistakes. As a result, they will keep their creativity in check. Instead of placing blame, use each mistake as a learning opportunity by asking everyone for ideas about how future similar errors can be avoided.

Ask for Input
When employees feel like important parts of the organization, they’ll be more willing to offer their ideas. During meetings, present challenges faced by the organization and ask your employees to brainstorm for solutions. Each idea that’s presented should be thoroughly explored in a discussion. If it’s decided that the idea is worth pursuing, the employee to suggest it will feel a sense of pride. If the idea is rejected, everyone will see why it was turned down and learn from the experience.

Allow a Greater Sense of Autonomy
Your employees have become specialists in their positions through their experiences on the job. When you can recognize that and allow them more freedom in how their job is performed, you’ll be promoting greater efficiency and the stimulation of their creativity. They may come up with new ideas for improving their job performance or productivity in general.

Don’t Forget the Introverts
Quiet employees who generally keep to themselves may be just as creative and entrepreneurial as everyone else on your team, but they may also be reluctant to speak out in meetings. Consider adding a suggestion box in a common area where those quieter employees can drop their suggestions and ideas. This will provide a way for them to contribute without forcing them into an uncomfortable spotlight.

As you begin promoting entrepreneurial thinking in your workplace, you’ll also see the company culture brighten. When your employees feel valued for their thoughts and ideas, they’ll find more enjoyment in their positions. This can lead to an improved morale and productivity even as their ideas benefit your company’s brand.