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There is great debate over whether leadership is a quality you are born with or whether it can be taught. In one sense, neither is true. There are probably many people who had much more innate skill than Michael Jordan, but they didn’t become the elite athlete he was because they didn’t put the time into honing the skills that he did.

In the same way, no one “taught” Michael Jordan to be a basketball legend either; it was only thousands of hours of dedicated practice that turned him into what he was. The same is true of franchise leadership. Here are three tips for finding success in franchise leadership.

Never stop learning
No matter how much you know, there is always more to learn. No matter what area or field you want to be great in, greatness requires the humility to accept that there is always more to learn. Sometimes, you may learn things from books or your peers, but there is often much to be learned from subordinates or individuals far junior to yourself. Great leaders know there is no one they can’t learn something from, and they are always open to it.

The transition from an entrepreneurial to a team mindset
Almost every business is built by a single-minded, almost relentless driving force. There is a type of single-minded determination that allows most entrepreneurs to succeed in building a business. But building and running a business require two very different skill sets and many entrepreneurs can’t make the transition. A very famous example of someone who did, however, was Steve Jobs – although it most certainly wasn’t easy. He was fired from his own company before eventually being rehired, after which he led his company to world dominance. In the interim, however, he had to make the transition from entrepreneur to team leader.

Learn to handle the pressure of competing agendas
Almost all leaders feel the pull between factions of some type, and franchise owners are no different. In one sense, they own their own business and yet in another, they are also answerable to the franchise, to their employees and even to their families. For any leader to succeed, they have to find a way to manage the pressure and stress of frequently being pulled in multiple directions. Leadership is the ultimate lesson in “you can’t please everyone,” and you have to find a way to make your peace with that. If you don’t, those who try to will destroy you.

About The Author
Jeff Bishop is an Entrepreneur and Founder of well-known trading programs Raging Bull Trading and Weekly Money Multiplier. While working as a professional trader over the last 20 years, Jeff has also maintained an active career as an entrepreneur. He created Raging Bull Trading and Weekly Money Multiplier after finding his passion for helping both new and experienced traders master the art of trading in the stock market.

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